an apex and wealth of knowledge

harnessed by experience

trial and error

hours spent in the basement

with your guitar, disciplining

your fingers, tracing shapes

and finding patterns over

her neck navigating the distance

from one freckle to another

like greek myths skyward

until worlds collide

you told her about when you

broke your leg in twelfth grade

and she said she broke hers

when she was six, climbing a tree

in her backyard bravery

conquering fears, standing up

or swimming deep beyond your

comfort (a soft cage that  will

only inhibit your growth)

change your environment

to gain and capture others’

perspectives because there are billions

of them, try to speak their language

like when you ate paella in Valencia, Spain

practiced your Spanish with a Turkish man

learning the language for perhaps another

reason, its hard to tell a lot about another person

when both people can only connect through

the language they are learning, but you know

he was genuine, he wouldn’t have returned your journal

you carelessly left in the bathroom, in a rush

of the moment thinking it could be your train stop

but you couldn’t tell because your Spanish

wasn’t good enough to comprehend everything

said over the intercom, so you made friends, went to museums

allowed yourself space to be inspired, learn to paint

even if you haven’t tried it before, sure your twenty-seven

and don’t want to suck at something you do for awhile

but thats just the beginning of something new

chance and risk, eventually you’ll find the precise time

for taking them, from keen observations of the past

recognizing patterns, but always aware

you cant know and do everything


– PwD 2018


inspired by watching spoken word videos



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