Too Young to Overcome

never overcame the dark geometric shapes of the upstairs hallway

towering hypotenuses’ terrifying exactness bred

bad thoughts conjured by late night television, those

shadows thread deep into the mind of a five year old


hung still before the bedroom entrance, devoured

closet monsters and demons from beneath the bed 

“if they had no chance, where do I stand?”


it was called a comforter for a reason, I hid

on my bed under the thick puff of a shelter

gripping a pillow like a parent, those prayers I said

must’ve fell short or got sliced by the ceiling fan


the moon shone through casting more shadows

at this point I couldn’t tell if it was sweat or pissed pajamas

a mind rolling through the rolodex of horror movie images

I saw on commercials just before ten


I tossed out stuffed animals, plush warriors, to defend

the king, a coward, wrapped in his imagination

penetrating through sheets, trembling to seizure,

even the Micky Mouse nightlight turned evil


“where is the rest of my stuffed animal friends?”

they floated, lifeless, across the black abysmal carpet

like the shaken intangible platform of my hypothalamus.


until dawn struck its pink and orangey blues

eyes bloodshot, lids weighted by delirious exhaustion

an alarm rung hard off the digital clock, passed 6:30 AM



-PwD 2017


Daily Prompt



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